Personal Insurance

Personal Insurance in Louisiana & Mississippi

You’ve worked hard to acquire your personal assets and deserve the personalized time and attention it takes to secure the right insurance coverage, limits and premiums.

With Champion Insurance Partners our experienced personal insurance advisers take a full risk management approach to protection for you and your family, and expertly handle both your most basic and challenging insurance needs.

Our personal insurance advisers proactively monitor your program to respond to your evolving risks, ensuring you have the ongoing financial security and the peace of mind you deserve.

As an independent agent, we work for you! We have strong relationships with a variety of insurance carriers, and we advocate on your behalf to seek out the best insurance markets to suit your needs.

Homeowner's Insurance

Your home is a major investment, but — more than that — it’s where you raise a family, entertain friends and create lifelong memories. Whether you live in the perfect starter house, a custom-built dream home or something in between, one thing is true: You want to protect the life you’ve made there.

Flood Coverage

Whether or not you live in an area that is prone to flooding, flood insurance is an important option to consider since homeowners insurance does not cover flood damage. With the sheer number of waterways and acres covered by lakes, bayous, canals, etc., in central and south Louisiana, there are few if any areas that should be considered safe from potential floods. If you also consider the drainage problems that are common in many of our cities and towns, flooding is common from just a heavy rain storm. The price of flood insurance is relatively low for those not in a high-risk zone, and for those in a high-risk zone, we will work with you to get the best price possible for the coverage you need. Flood season is year-round in this area, so don’t put off this important coverage. Call us today to get started.   

Auto Coverage

Obtaining auto insurance can be a complicated and confusing process, so why go it alone? Our knowledgeable agents can help find the perfect plan for you, with over 20 years of experience comparing coverages and prices working in your favor. Champion Insurance will help you navigate the confusing maze of prices and coverage options.

RV Coverage

Whether you are leaving for a weekend campground getaway, tailgating at the football game, or taking a longer road trip, before hitting the road, call us and take a few minutes to be sure you have the right RV Insurance policy for your needs. Whether it’s a motor home, a camper, or a travel trailer, and whether you drive it or tow it, there is nothing like an RV vacation with family and friends. Because an RV functions as both a home and an auto, insurance policies resemble a combination of home and auto insurance, and as a result they tend to be somewhat more complex. We can help walk you through the process so you can relax and enjoy your trip with peace of mind.

Motorcycle Coverage

Before heading out to enjoy the freedom of the open road on your motorcycle, you want to be sure you have adequate protection. Motorcycle insurance, like any other form of insurance is a very personal decision and a policy will need to match your own needs and situation. Our agents can guide you through the process to help you determine the types and amounts of coverage that are right for you and your bike. We offer coverage through several highly rated companies so that you can have peace of mind as you enjoy your ride.

Boat Coverage

Hitting the open water is a perfect way to take a break from everyday life and relax with family, friends, or by yourself. But costly accidents, injuries, and theft don’t take a break just because you do. Boat insurance through Champion Insurance Partners is perfect for a huge assortment of boats — and boaters. Whether you sail every weekend or just take a couple of fishing trips a year, you can rest easy with us.


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